About Us

Bovalina is a privately owned family business run by two brother-in-laws, Angelo and Anthony.

Bovalina company was formed in 2002 with Carmine, his son Angelo, and his son-in-law Anthony. In 2016 Carmine thought it was time to take a step back and let the boys take the business into the next chapter.

In 2022, their 20 year anniversary, Bovalina opened its very own olive store on-site, enabling the business to showcase its full range of products and the passionate history with its customers.

History, where it all began…

Carmine Bovalina arrived in Australia in the mid-1960’s. He began his life in Australia as a market gardener, helping his father growing tomatoes and the original 40 olive trees, frantoio and corregiola variety, at their Penfield Gardens home. In the early 70’s Carmine started his own business as a Merchant Salesman in the Adelaide Produce Market and a produce packing operation in his shed at home called Bova-Pak.

In 1997 he planted another 1500 olive trees at the family property. His plan was to retire from the Adelaide Produce Markets when the oil was ready to produce. In 2007, Carmine left the packing business and the Adelaide Produce Market, and formed the Bovalina Olive Oil Group with his son and son-in-law.

With the fruit which is grown on the family property the business was able to create the brand Bovalina Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

From the original 40 trees, Bovalina now has in excess of 300,000 olive trees in share-farming strategy.

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